Hope you are all doing well. I am so happy to share with you a new pattern for baby booties this week. And it’s a very special one! You ask why? Because it’s super easy to follow and baby booties are made using this particular pattern in no time. 🙂 Well I would say, with a little bit of practice, 15 minutes max. 🙂

So if you are in a hurry to attend a baby shower and you need a gift, this might be a perfect solution for you. Even if there is no hurry, once you will try this pattern, you will see how awesome it is and you will use it all the time.

The video tutorial for this pattern will be available on my YouTube channel very soon.

With love, Doroteja

The pattern is written in one size only. The final size of the sole is 9.5 cm.

You will need:

7 mm crochet hook, yarn needle, stitch markers, 100% wool Drops Eskimo Super Chunky weight yarn, Two big buttons.


Ch – chain
Ss – slip stitch
Sc – single crochet
Hdc – half double crochet
Dc – double crochet
Sc2tog – join two single crochet together
Dc2tog – join two double crochet together
Hdc2tog – join two half double crochet together
St/Sts – Stitch/Stitches

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* Chain at the beginning of the round does not count as a st unless otherwise stated.

* Join the round with the ss into the first stitch in the round. Ss does not count as a stitch unless otherwise stated.

*Always place the marker into your first stitch in each round.

* If the number is written:

before the stitch – 3 hdc = work 3 hdc into the same stitch, after the stitch – hdc 3 = work hdc into next 3 stitches.

*If you see something like that:

Repeat (2 hdc, hdc 1)2 times. It means that you have to repeat the sequence: 2 hdc sts into the first one, 1 hdc into the next one, two times.

Hdc 7(10). It means that you have to work 1 hdc into next 7 sts if you are working on the smaller size and work 1 hdc into next 10 sts if you are working on the bigger size.

= 44(50) sts. It’s the number of the stitches that you have to have at the end of the round. The first number is for the smaller size and the number in the () is for the bigger size.

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Baby Booties in 15 min or less by Croby Patterns


Chain 6.

Round 1: Start in 2nd chain from the hook. Make 2 hdc into the same stitch. Hdc 3. Make 6 hdc into the last chain from the hook, now start on the other side. Hdc 3. Make 2 hdc into the last one. Join the round with a ss (ss does not count as a stitch). = 16 sts.

Round 2: Chain 1. Make 2 hdc into the next 2. Hdc 3. Make 2 hdc into the next 6. Hdc 3. Now make 2 hdc into the last 2 stitches.Join the round with a ss (ss does not count as a stitch). = 26 sts.


Work round 3 and only round 3 into back loops only!

Round 3: Chain 1. Hdc all way around. Join the round with a ss (ss does not count as a stitch) = 26 sts.

Round 4: Chain 1. Sc 5. Hdc 2. Repeat dc2tog six times. Hdc 2. Sc 5. Join the round with ss. = 20 sts.

Round 5: Ch 1. Sc 1. Sc2tog. Sc 4. Repeat hdc2tog three times. Sc 4. Sc2tog. Sc 1. Ss. = 15 sts.

Round 6: Ch 2. Dc 15. Ss. = 15 sts.

Round 7: Ch 1. Hdc 15. Ss. = 15 sts.

Fasten off.

Take some yarn and a needle and sew the button on the side of each shoe.

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