About Me

by Doroteja


I am Doroteja Kardum, an indie crochet designer & teacher behind Croby Patterns.

My obsession is teaching other people how to crochet. I love numbers and shapes and can’t wait to see them come true in the form of my designs.

I wrote and published more than 100 crochet patterns and tutorials over the past couple of years and shared pieces of my journey in studio vlogs format. My main love are baby projects, something cute and simple for new mamas, loving grandmas, and caring friends and relatives.

You can find my patterns here on my website, Ravelry and Etsy.

With love, Doroteja

How I started …

I created Croby Patterns in 2017 when I was still at the university. My now husband and I moved to a new country, hundreds of kilometers from home, and I needed something creative to fulfill my days.

At first, it was just an innocent hobby, which later grew into a small online shop. Soon after, the blog was born with hundreds of crochet patterns and creative ideas.

Today, Croby Patterns is my full-time job. Time-wise, even more than that. But I don’t look back. I am happy I had the courage and took the leap. Living a creative life is not easy, but probably the most fulfilling thing you can do for yourself.


Let’s work together!

I  love working with creative brands focusing on fiber arts and lifestyle. If that is you, send me an email. I Would love to hear your ideas, share mine, and talk about how we can partner together. Please email me at [email protected].

*I reserve the right to refuse collaborations that don’t align with my values.

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1. Create An Online Class for Crochet Beginners.

2. Write A Book.

3. Write and publish 1000 crochet patterns.

4. Open a yarn shop.

5. Open an online Croby Patterns shop.

6. Create a line of yarn and items for fiber arts and crafts enthusiasts.

7. Make a hank of yarn from start to finish (hand-dye the fibers, spin the yarn into a hank, and use it in a pattern).

8. Sell my items at a craft fair

9. Publish patterns while traveling around the world.

10. Capture my creative process in short video stories – vlogs.

Support My Work

There are a couple of ways you can support my work and help me create more patterns, tutorials, and vlogs:

1. Join me on Patreon and get access to the behind the screens of my small business and early access to my patterns.

2. Donate through PayPal. Every dollar counts.

3. Purchase my pattern. And get beautifully designed instructions and additional sizes. ~ Ravelry or Etsy

4. Read my blog, use my free patterns, and watch my videos on Youtube. Please do not use the ad blockers.

5. Share the link to my work with anyone who might benefit from it. Let’s share love and creativity!

The best gifts are handmade gifts! Stay creative! 🧶