Let’s Learn How To Make A Pom-Pom

by Doroteja

How to make a pom pom by Croby Patterns

Hi, guys! Hope you are having a great day. Today I am going to show you how to make a pom-pom using a pom-pom maker. Pom poms are super easy and fun to make and you can include them in almost every DIY project.

There is a few simple things you will need before you start. You will need a pom-pom maker. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. But all of them work in a pretty similar way. Wrapping your yarn around them and cutting and tieing the middle. You don’t need to buy a fancy pom- pom kit. You can create your own pom-pom maker from two disks made of cardboard in the size you want your pom-pom to be. You will also need some yarn. I was using Drops Eskimo 100% wool yarn. The bigger the yarn weight more fluffy your pom-pom will be.

I would recommend you to use wool or synthetic yarn. Try to avoid cotton. They are usually too firm to create a nice and fluffy shape. You would probably have a hard time to tie a strand of yarn around the pom-pom because it’s not soft enough to puff open and create a nice ball of yarn. And some scissors. The sharper the better.

The idea behind pom-pom kit is to align both parts of the kit and start wrapping your yarn around it. The more times you will wrap your yarn around each rainbow or each half of the pom-pom maker the denser and fuller the final result will be. I like my pom poms to be as full and fluffy as they can be. So I wrap my yarn around the rainbows so many times that it’s hard to close them. 🙂

Learn how to make a Pom-Pom using a simple pom-pom maker by clicking on the video below.

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