SUNSET TULIP – Crochet Baby Sandals

by Doroteja

Our Etsy and Raverly shop is bigger and bigger every week. We are working our best to put a new item on our shelves every week.

Before I started I chose three colors, yellow, gray and orange. I did not know how to start… I did not know what will be the final item. First I made a sole. I like it when the sole has more than just one color, so I added yellow stitches all around it. What should I do next? It’s summer. There is not enough baby sandals in stores. And if you find them, the choice is poor at best. So why don’t we make our own… I made a little bow on the fingers and a stripe around the ankle with two little flower buttons. And there you have it with little effort. A yarn, 4 buttons and crochet hook.

Because it was a very busy week my thoughts were everywhere. I could not find an appropriate name. So I asked on Facebook. A few minutes later I get a response…. “I am thinking about tulips”, said Saša, our friend. And the name was born, SUNSET TULIP.

But my story about Sunset Tulips does’t end here with me… each little feet that will wear these Sunset Tulips will add a special piece to the story.

Someday, when you are going to clean the closets and you’ll find this sandals in the box full of old clothes or toys, years and years from now, you will remember the days you spent with you child… And it will be the best story ever.

Be part of the Sunset Tulip story…







Love Doroteja


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