My Latest Yarn Haul – Paintbox Yarns

by Doroteja

Hope you are all having an amazing day so far. I ordered a bunch of yarn two weeks ago. And because I decided to film a yarn haul and didn’t have time to do it, the yarn was sitting in the corner of my office for a week.

I know, a whole week! That’s crazy. Believe it or not, I was dying of curiosity when I was opening the bags because I totally forgot what I ordered. 

Yarn Haul Croby Patterns

Let me just say, I’ve ordered a bunch of yarn from Love Crochet, which is an online store that sells yarn and crochet patterns. They sell yarn and crochet patterns and when you purchase a crochet pattern you can also order the yarn that is recommended by the pattern designer.

Which is a big lifesaver since you do not need to worry about the right yarn for your project. All you have to do is, scroll down, almost to the end of the page and you will find the recommended yarn and how much skeins you need for the size you are going to make. Brilliant right?

All the yarn I ordered was from the brand Paintbox which is if I am not mistaken available exclusively on Love Crochet and Love Knitting website.

On their web page is written that the Paintbox yarn is a durable, practical, and great value yarn that is available in high-quality acrylic and affordable cotton fibers.

There are 60 shades to choose from and that they will be adding new lines of PaintBox Yarns very soon which I am very happy to hear and will be willing to try.

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What Is On The Yarn Label

The yarn label has a nice, simple, and clean look. They spiced it up with 4 little round holes on the front, between the Brand name on the top and yarn weight on the bottom.

I always love it when companies add something unique to the packaging. On the back is written the length and actual yarn weight, color, dye to, gauge, and recommended hook size. How often you use the hook recommended on the yarn label? I am asking because I usually don’t.

Most of the time I use a size or two smaller crochet hook because I love the compact and not a see-through fabric. And of course, there are also care instructions which are extremely important as well.

Yarn Haul Croby Patterns

Let’s Talk Yarn

I ordered my yarn in two different yarn weights, DK (Light Worsted) and Aran (Worsted). Both sizes in 100% cotton and 100% acrylic. The cotton skeins are 50 grams each which is half of the size if you compare them with acrylic ones. Which is quite common.

I will start with the acrylics. I ordered Simply Aran 5 Ball Colour Pack Designer Picks – Colour Vintage Hydrangeas by Alice Neal, so the pack of 5 Aran or also worsted yarns, but you can get individual colors as well.

The colors included in this pack are Dolphin Blue (236), Blush Pink (253), Ballet Pink (252), Duck Egg Blue (235), and Rasberry Pink (243).

Individual Yarn here!

Yarn Haul Croby Patterns
Paintbox Simply Aran yarn in a pack of 5.

The pack of Dk weight yarns that I ordered was Simply DK 10 Ball Colour Pack Designer Picks – Colour The Candy Shop by Amanda O’Sullivan, which is a pack of 10 skeins of DK weight yarn. 

The colors included in this pack are Bubblegum Pink (150), Spearmint Green (125), Candyfloss Pink (149), Vanilla Cream (107), Peach Orange (154), Bright Peach (111), Daffodil Yellow (121), Washed Teal (132), Champagne White (102) and Tea Rose (142).

Individual yarn here!

Yarn Haul Croby Patterns
Paintbox Simply DK pack of 5.
Yarn Haul Croby Patterns
Paintbox Simply DK pack of 5.

All the colors are vibrant and the yarn is easy to use and very soft. This was my first time purchasing Paintbox acrylic yarns.

I usually do not like acrylic yarns at all. I do not like the feel of them when I am working with them, the shape of my final item is usually a bit off when I use them and because of that I simply do not buy them. And I was totally fine with that until now. I really like this yarn.

It will not replace my cotton yarns, but I will definitely share a few projects made with acrylic yarns in the future. And if you prefer to use the acrylic yarns I would definitely recommend Paintbox yarns when you follow my crochet patterns.

Now to my favorite part, cotton yarns. Since I have had a bunch of cotton at home already, I ordered six colors of DK weight yarn and only two colors of Aran weight yarn.

Believe me, it was so tempting to put more yarn in the cart but I did quite a good job on that part. I ordered only 16 skeins of yarn and I said to myself I will definitely order more when I finish with the yarn that I already have at home.

Paintbox Cotton DK yarns.

Cotton yarns I ordered in the DK weight: Blush Pink (454), Sky Blue (439), Daffodil Yellow (422), Rose Red (414), Grass Green (430) and Vanilla Cream (408) which is a must-have for me.

Yarn Haul Croby Patterns

Cotton yarns I ordered in the Aran weight: Pale Lilac (646) and Dolphin Blue (637).

I get quite a lot of questions about the yarn I am using and where do I buy my yarn and I have to say, lately this has been a very easy answer. I have to say that I really like Paintbox yarn. All the colors are very beautiful. I love that there are so many colors to choose from.

I think it’s so frustrating when you finally find a yarn you really like and it’s available in less than 5 colors. It happened to me so many times before. I would definitely recommend them and you will probably see quite a few patterns made with these yarns in the future as well.

Happy crocheting everyone!


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Maria Ester August 14, 2017 - 02:16

¡Hola! , me podrías informar donde y como podría comprar esos hermosos hilos, soy de la provincia de Santa Fe (Capital) República Argentina, desde ya muy agradecida.

Miriam October 19, 2017 - 07:41

Hi Doroteja ?
I was wondering if you already had the opportunity to work with your acrylic yarns? I am using my Arans to do some sweet Baby Beanies and Bonnets but am a little uncertain what to do with the DK ones… I thought I would have more ideas and use them more, but now it’s not working as expected… I made a Sole with Simply DK and 3,5mm Hook but sadly it did not turn out right from the measuring… Grateful for any Tips! ?
Have a wonderful Day ??

cleusafranciscogatinho June 2, 2018 - 19:28

I’ m brasiliense , I’ dont speak Inglês ! I love ! I love your tutorials . please .

Doroteja June 4, 2018 - 10:44

Thank you! 🙂


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