Buttons’n Braces crochet Baby Romper

by Doroteja

This is a crochet pattern for my easy beginner-friendly baby romper – Buttons’n Braces. Find out what inspired me to design this pattern, what yarn did I choose, and learn all the tricks on how to create a perfect baby romper.

You can find the crochet pattern for this beautiful crochet romper available in multiple sizes in my shops on EtsyRavelry, and Love Crafts.

Crochet Baby Romper by Croby Patterns

I have been working on a new crochet pattern for a baby romper for a while now and finally released it yesterday. I can not describe the feeling of excitement when you press the button “Publish”. You feel so great that is finally out there and will help so many new moms and amazing people that love to crochet.

But at the same time, you are asking yourself are they going to like?

Etsy is theses days part of my morning rutine. Answering emails and browsing through Etsy shops. Sitting behind the computer and siping my favorite green tea. It boosts my inspiration and puts me into a good mood.

If I find something I like, I get my sketch book and start drawing. I don’t crochet every project I sketch, but it’s nice have a book full of ideas ready for a rainy days.

Lately, I have been seeing more and more Etsy shops that are selling baby shoes, rompers and sweaters made with my patterns. I am getting tagged on Instagram from you guys more and more often. There is nothing I could wish more.

My goal is to share, to inspire and make people happy when they are creating something new or just picking up a new craft. It keeps me going.

Crochet Baby Romper by Croby Patterns

My favorite material is cotton. I use it all the time. I like the fabric it produces and how you can see the stitches. It comes very practical in crochet tutorials too. My three favourite cotton yarns are Drops Paris, Yarn and Colors Epic and Rico Creative Cotton, all in Aran weight yarn. I found it perfect for my projects.

My favorite yarn colors are blue, pink, purple, and beige. All of them in old or pastel shades with a combination of wooden buttons or cute crochet stitch patterns. In this case, beautiful but very easy to make, shell stitch pattern.


The romper has ribbing around the waist area and leg holes. The special post stitches are making it look and feel like a real ribbing that is actually stretchy and goes around the legs nicely. The fit is comfortable but not too loose.

Suspenders are functional. You can actually open and close them with two buttons on the front side of the shorts and can be easily adjustable in case you want them to be a size smaller or bigger.

Crochet Baby Romper by Croby Patterns

Thanks to the small Facebook Giveaway and our lovely crocheter Klaire we decided to go with the name Buttons n Braces.

If you are not following Croby Patterns on Facebook you definitely should because that’s the place where I share all of my giveaways, news on new and old crochet patterns and sometimes behind the scenes photos. I always love to see other designers work in progress photos and posts.


The pattern is available in two sizes (pretty standard for my crochet pattens):

  • 0 – 6 months and
  • 6 – 12 months.

Both are made with Aran weight yarn and a 4.0 mm crochet hook.


0 – 6 MONTHS40 cm 17 3/4”35 cm 13 3/4”
6 – 12 MONTHS48 cm 18 3/4”40 cm 15 3/4” 
Measurements of the finished baby romper.


You can find the crochet pattern for this beautiful crochet romper available in multiple sizes in my shops on EtsyRavelry, and Love Crafts.

Simple Crochet Tutorial How to make a baby romper

Thank you for your love and support!


Sweetie June 17, 2017 - 09:52

Such beautiful patterns!! Thank you so much for sharing them. You are so delightfully creative.

Doroteja July 3, 2017 - 11:52

Thank you so much! 🙂

SABRINA April 15, 2019 - 01:17

Adoro seus trabalhos

Nadia May 26, 2019 - 03:02

Thanks!!! This is cute !!


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